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3 Top Things To Do In Miami This Summer

We are deep in the thick of summer and it’s been HOT and filled with Afternoon RAIN showers to try and cool us down. there’s so much to do here in Miami no matter the weather if you want to be active and enjoying life if you didn’t have any shoulder problems.
Here are MY 3 top things to enjoy this summer in Miami if you didn’t have shoulder problems.


  1. SALT WATER living – BEACH is key down here…whether you like to go early or you are the late afternoon beach goers. Even BOATING! If you are like me, It can be a mission to go with a family because of all the things you want to carry out there! Try consolidating and getting a cart of some sort to carry all the things you want to take out there.
  2. SWIMMING – Miami is hot year round but summer is honestly a great time to hit the pool or beach to get some swimming in. Especially if you have kids! They are off for the summer…want to hit every pool and beach and water park to beat the heat. And I can’t be the only one where the kids are not just letting me sit there. They want me to swim with them!  If you have shoulder pain….freestyle may feel okay at the time but could leave you more painful at night.  Try doing the breast stroke and get the exercise in without the shoulder pain.
  3. KAYAKING or outdoor activities.  We are so luck to live here in Miami that our summer runs almost year round and it’s just so awesome to be able to do different outdoor activities all the time.  AND kayaking in the summer is just the best for me.  It do like it hot and love the arm workout that I get from kayaking AND love being able to jump in that cool refreshing water to cool down after wards.  It is hard on the shoulders and hands….but if you don’t have any shoulder problems and want to keep it that way…..stretch before, during, and after kayaking trip.  It all depends on how long you are out there for!
Get out there and get active this summer Miami! If you are there with some aches and pain with your shoulder…you may be missing out on so much fun. Not just THIS summer but those problems tend to linger and weigh you down.  SO if your shoulders are giving you trouble….slowing you down from being MORE active….AND you want to avoid doctors offices and getting only pills and injections….request my FREE SHOULDER PAIN GUIDE.  I’ve got some great tips in there for you and I know you can start to use some of those tips to help you right away!
Stay tuned….next I’ll show you some great stretches that I teach my current clients to get their shoulders PAIN FREE and healthy so they don’t have to worry about taking pills, getting injections, or it getting so bad that they would need surgery….
Hoang Tran

Disclaimer:  As with all our pages, this is NOT a substitute for formal medical treatment or occupational therapy.  It is intended to inform only.  Hands on Therapy Services disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information.

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