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5 things to help you make the most out of this holiday season

miami occupational therapy

HO HO HO! Holiday season is already here. You can finally breathe out after a long year of work and have a wonderful time with your beloved ones. While Christmas shopping, meal preparation and house decoration are a must every season, this winter Dr. Hoang, an occupational therapist in Miami  suggests to take more out of your break.  And that is good mood, positive energy, stronger health and increased productivity for the next year. Here are some tips from the occupational therapist, Miami on how to make these holidays the most beneficial for your body and mind.

miami occupational therapy

1. Detox from work

Does it mean you should stop answering emails, calls and be available 24 hours a day? If possible, yes. Obviously, if you run your own business or have an important project delivery, then such a shut down may be risky. However, if you just try to keep an eye on every detail, unplugging and focusing on your leisure time will do no harm to you. On the other hand, time without stress and deadlines will restart your mind and body and increase your productivity levels upon the return to work.

Occupational therapist in Miami  advises to find a proper work balance during holidays – if not working is not an option. Checking emails in the morning and then being offline for the rest of the day may be an example of such a detox. Or having a set time of availability, i.e. 1-2 hours in the afternoon for managing urgent matters.  You also do not want to send your clients or colleagues a wrong message of being available at any time of the day or night. Even worse, it can make others think that having a rest is bad and that they are expected to work as well. Use this time for mental and physical relaxation.

2. Get plenty of sleep

Yes, you can finally allow yourself to sleep longer than usual. Sleep is extremely important to our health, cognitive abilities and productivity. If you consider sleeping long hours a laziness, this holiday season is a high time to change such perception. Besides providing you with a great deal of energy, sleep is proved to increase your creativity level, so at the end you may end up doing the same amount of things but in a more efficient way. Plus, it will only be few days, after which you will return to your usual dynamic regime.

3. Do something memorable

Holidays will end, but memories will stay forever. Especially, if beside traditional activities, you will do something new, unique or extraordinary – something that will help you remember the moment. It can be anything from making Christmas wreaths with the whole family or taking a trip to the mountains, trying ice skating for the first time or going snorkeling. Occupational therapist, Miami  say that the most important thing is getting positive emotions out of your experience.

5. Spend time among people

There is no better time to reunite with family or old friends than the holidays. Dr. Hoang indicated that the feeling of belonging to the community of people builds self-awareness and increases your overall level of happiness.  If a family gathering is not appealing to you or impossible due to certain circumstances, try to find a community event, volunteering activity or organize something like that yourself.

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