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6 ways to reset your body and soul

occupational therapy Miami

In the hustle of the modern world, we try to be in control of so many things: our career growth, our productivity and efficiency, our budget, our time. We often neglect to manage the well-being of our body and mind, even though these are of greatest value. Being healthy is not a one-time change; it is an accumulation of small steps towards a happy and meaningful lifestyle. Start to take those steps today!

Hoang Tran, an occupational therapist in Miami, shares easy but effective ways to get on track to a healthy body and mind.

  1. Allow yourself to be a sleepy-head once in a while

While you are asleep, your body and mind rest and regenerate; that’s why it is important to have a deep, 7-8 hour sleep. This is considered the optimal length; however, you should listen to your body and find the right amount for you. Some people feel wonderful after 6 hours, while others may need 8.5.

Allow yourself to stay in bed longer on weekends, especially after an intense week.

2. Practice gratitude

When was the last time you woke up in the morning and smiled, being grateful for a new day? With all the struggles of everyday life, we tend to forget about the blessings, like health, family, friends, and peace. In our haste to fix the things that are wrong, we forget about the positive things.  

Gratitude is a mindset which leads to happiness. If you regularly take time to express gratitude and thankfulness, you’re likely to see results.

3. Reduce your toxin consumption

Reducing or completely eliminating toxins from your diet and lifestyle will make it easier for your body to recover its natural healthy state. The list of toxins to avoid includes tobacco, alcohol and sugar. Additionally to all the negative effects they have, they require your body to use energy in other processes to neutralize the acids. This will affect your energy level and, in the long-run, will lead to multiple side effects.

For some, coffee and other forms of caffeine may be toxic. Not everyone is sensitive to it, but for some people, coffee overconsumption leads to the jitters, poor sleep, and a rollercoaster in energy. Coffee has some great health benefits, but as with anything overconsumed, it may cause an increase in stress hormones and poor sleep.

occupational therapy Miami

4. Exercise

Volumes of books have been written about various exercise regimens. But in fact, you do not have to go to the extreme. The most important thing is to shut off the television, put away the electronic games, and get out and do something. Exercising increases your metabolism, burns calories, and helps with endurance, heart health, lung capacity, and strength. Moreover, while exercising, the level of endorphins produced increases and you become happier.

Make sure you choose an activity that you enjoy, as it will keep you motivated, bringing even more benefits to your body and mind.

What to know how to exercise and avoid injury? Reach out to us and we will tell you how to avoid hand injury or shoulder injury so you can fully enjoy your favorite activities.

Does your injury prevent you from staying active? We help people in Miami with arm and hand injuries to stay active, be pain free, and avoid pills, injections, and surgery! Contact us and find out how we can help you!

5. Log off or digital detox

No matter if you work at the computer, over the phone, or without it, if you’re living in a developed, 21st-century country, you probably need a digital detox, time offline without the use of devices. Try to use your phone for the purpose it was intended, to call someone. Limit internet browsing, Instagram scrolling or chatting with friends online and try to enjoy real life. Imagine how much more time you could be spending on yourself or with your family.

6. Find a hobby

Having a hobby is not just a way to spend time; it’s an activity that may improve your quality of life. It’s something you do for pleasure and joy. Since hobbies are leisure activities, a lot of people disregard them as a “luxury” they can’t afford. Who has the time, right? However, it appears that having a hobby has multiple benefits for your health. It gives you satisfaction, making your mood better and increasing your happiness. It also give you a sense of self-efficacy and satisfaction. Hobbies can increase creativity or rest make your body and mind from usual mandatory activities.  It is fun and beneficial, a win-win solution for your well-being.

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