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Our Team At Hands-On Therapy Services Helps People In Miami With Hand And Shoulder Problems To STAY ACTIVE, BE PAIN FREE AND AVOID Pills, Injections And Surgery.

Hoang, also commonly known as “Juanita,” is the Owner of Hands-on Therapy Services. She has created her dream come true therapy-owned business where people with injuries, whether they had surgery and want the best possible outcome or looking desperately to avoid pills, injections, and surgery, can come to get help.

An Occupational therapist, Certified Hand Therapist & also author of all the Free Guides that are offered on our site, as well as an internationally sold book “The Hands-on Approach: How to Get Rid of Hand and Shoulder Pain Without Pills, Injections, And Surgery.” 

Alina is our amazing Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist. She’s a Miami native and a proud FIU Panther. Alina loves helping people by finding and treating the root causes of their pain, and her patients appreciate her compassion and dedication.

When she’s not at work, Alina loves traveling and exploring new places. She’s also on a fun quest to find the world’s most delicious burger. Whether she’s at the clinic or out on an adventure, Alina’s passion and care makes a big difference.

Pia is our team manager. With over twenty years of experience working with small businesses, Pia is passionate about supporting everyone in our business and those that could benefit from our services. She graciously makes sure everything is running smoothly and enjoys connecting with you to ensure your success. When she’s not at the office, she loves nourishing her artistic side by writing poetry, dancing, and enjoying downtime with family and friends. Like a true Gemini, she loves switching her many hats from manager to health coach to published author. She definitely lives life to the fullest!

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