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Our team here at Hands-on Therapy Services helps people in Miami with hand and shoulder problems to stay active, pain free, and avoid pills, injections, and surgery. 

Our mission is to help you make the BEST decision about your body. Nothing is worst than having an injury or surgery and feeling like you are not getting the answers that you need and feeling despair that you can’t get better. That’s WHY we are here to HELP you get your questions answered, give you the TIME and ATTENTION that you need, and to turn your frown upside down!


(We offer both English and Spanish.)

Not sure how to get Started?

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Meet The Team!

Claudia is our Operations Assistant.  She’s friendly, compassionate, and wants to get to know you and how to help you (both English AND Spanish).  If you are not sure what to do, where to go, and who will actually listen – Call Now. 

Nicole is our lead Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist.  She’s got the Northeastern warmth and charm and loves the culture and climate of Miami.  She’s got great hands and an even better heart to cure all your aches and pains. Not sure who to trust when it comes to getting rid of your pain so that you can be more active, and avoid pills, injections, and surgery? – Apply for a Discovery Visit.

Vanessa is our Occupational Therapist and Hand Therapist.  Miami called her back after she got her doctorate degree from Boston. There’s not a nicer person in all of Miami when you are in pain and not sure what’s going on.  Want to get clear on what’s wrong? – Request to Talk to our Specialist.

Hoang, also commonly known as “Juanita” is the Owner of Hands-on Therapy Services.  She has created a dream come true therapy-owned business where people with injuries whether they had surgery and wanting the best possible outcome or looking desperately to avoid pills, injections, and surgery can come get help. 

Hoang is the author of all the Free Guides that are offered on our site as well as a an internationally sold book “The Hands-on Approach: How to Get Rid of Hand and Shoulder Pain Without Pills, Injections, And Surgery”. People who are serious about getting out of pain so they can have a chance of being more active are reading it.  

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