Tips for sleeping positions with shoulder pain.

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Are you having trouble falling asleep because of shoulder pain? Are you having trouble finding the RIGHT position to fall asleep in? Stay asleep? And awake up not feeling so sore? If this is you…suffering from shoulder pain….this video is for YOU!  I get this question a lot of what to do when suffering from… Read more »

Avoid shoulder injury during travel.

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[prisna-google-website-translator] How can you avoid shoulder injury during travel?  I have a few tips that can be helpful. I’ve had a few business trips this year more than other years to continue to learn and bring it all back to you and my amazing staff.  I love to learn and getting to travel a little… Read more »

Wonder why you have shoulder pain after pregnancy?

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shoulder pain after pregnancy

Ever wonder why you have shoulder pain after pregnancy? Pregnancy is such an exciting time for most women!  Hopefully the morning sickness and all that passes and you get to enjoy the changes that your body goes through.  And of course it’s amazing after when you have your baby right? Though pregnancy can be great,… Read more »

How to get rid of shoulder pain and avoid surgery.

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[prisna-google-website-translator] This is just one story of how a Miami woman got rid of her shoulder pain and avoid surgery….   Do you want to stay active and work out but are having shoulder pain? Have you tried taking care of it on your own and it’s still not gone away? Have you gone to doctors… Read more »

Why does my shoulder click and pop?

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[prisna-google-website-translator] Do you have clicking in your shoulders when you are reaching overhead? Are you clicking or popping when working out? Wondering if something is wrong with your shoulder or could get worst? What does clicking in the shoulder mean? I get this question A LOT…from friends, family, or anyone that finds out I help… Read more »

Tips to get rid of thumb pain

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Hey! I was just out visiting my brother who’s a surgeon.  He told me he was having thumb pain. Nothing that stops him for doing what he needs to do, but it bothers him…everyday. It’s this nagging, annoying, achenes that just doesn’t go away.   Want to know what I told him to do to help… Read more »

Keeping hands healthy!

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It is Friday and we are going to have a Friday Hands-On Happy Hour!  Lets talk about keeping hands healthy!  And having some fun of course…. We are going to talk about one of my favorite drinks to make anytime! This is a staple for me and for my friends when they come over. While… Read more »