occupational therapy for back pain miami

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In the last blog posts about back pain, I broke down the three different areas of your spine and explained how “back” pain is sometimes in the upper part and sometimes it’s in the lower back.  Most people ask me about if stretching can help and the next most common question is this: “Is it… Read more »

carpal tunnel treatment miami

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Are you suffering from hand numbness and pain that is driving you crazy?    Do you think you might be suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but want to be sure what this condition it is exactly? Read on!  Recap: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the median nerve gets compressed or essentially… Read more »

Miami occupational therapist

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Our hands play an important role in carrying out our daily tasks. More often than not, our productivity and capability depend on how well we execute errands using our hands. Experiencing hand pain can harm the overall health and wellbeing of patients. For this reason, our occupational therapist in Miami made it a mission to… Read more »

Occupational therapy doral and Miami

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At our occupational therapy clinic in Miami, I often hear people tell me that they hurt and they are going to rest for a while and then they should be good to be back to running or getting back to the gym, or whatever they want to get back to doing.  Most of the time,… Read more »

Physical Therapy Doral

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Rehabilitation begins immediately following an elbow fracture surgery. As soon as you return to your hospital room, medical staff members attending to your needs will try to relax the muscles of your recovering elbow.  You will be required to wear a splint to support your arm for at least a week since the surgical wounds… Read more »

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Carpal tunnel syndrome manifests with pain, numbness, muscle weakness and tingling in the hands and wrists as a result of a compressed median nerve.   At the side of your palm is this narrow passageway called the carpal tunnel, which is made up of bones and ligaments. When the nerves on these bones and ligaments… Read more »