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Broken fingers (yes all of them)

broken fingers


Meet my young man CS.  He is a left hand dominant male with a left hand injury.  CS sustained proximal phalanx fractures to all four of his fingers (no injury to the thumb) when a door being installed was dropped on his hand.   What is that you ask??  Well, it’s pretty much one of the finger bones that’s closest to the big knuckle.  Yup….all four were broken BUT only three needed to be pinned.   Lucky him right?  The first day he came in, I took off his post op-dressing to see what kind of hand I had, to check his wounds, and to clean the pins.  He was shocked to see the condition of his hand needless to say.  The picture is of me asking him to open his hand and make a fist.  All he could do was laugh at the fact that he couldn’t move his fingers at all.  And every day after, when he was painful during range of motion stretches, he would just laugh and laugh.  He said that it was all he could do when it was hurting so much.

hand before

finger fractures before

CS came three times a week for 6 weeks for pin care, ROM, and monitoring of pin care as he had returned to work light duty.  With an exercise program to do at home and the time in therapy to insure his progress, by the time the pins came out, he had good functional motion.  Within two weeks of that, he already had a full fist and was able gain functional strength.  CS was very happy about how great his progress was and slowly returning to full duty.  CS is one of my great success story of when patients come to therapy according to protocol after surgery, without delay.  This is an example of a workers compensation case that is very positive.  I hear a lot that workers compensation cases don’t want to get better, but that’s not what I see majority of the time.  This is his dominant hand, and no matter what, that’s his hand for the rest of his

hand after

finger fractures after

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