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Carpal Tunnel – Are You Worried Or Know Someone That Is worried About Hand Pain And Numbness?

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If you are waking up at night with hand pain, numbness and pins and needle. If you have been told to rest or “change” what you are doing…You have already tried that quick fix splint and you see NO PROGRESS. If you are feeling ANNOYED that your night pain or achiness is just NOT getting better, and you are DESPERATE to know what you can do to get a full night sleep… to wake up in the morning feeling great without hand problems… Then keep reading! 

     You may have even been told by a doctor, a friend or family, and even researched it on your own that you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  It seems like the 1st thing they tell you to do is use a brace and “rest” your hands or even “change” what you are doing.  Most of the time it’s paired with “take some pills” and “come back in 4-6 weeks” when it’s so bad that you will need to have a nerve conduction test so they can recommend an injection or worst…surgery.  

If you do have carpal tunnel syndrome, wearing the right wrist brace ONLY at night can help you from putting pressure on the nerve that causes you to have the pain and numbness.  It should only be worn at night, every night for at least one month. And you should start feeling some relief even after wearing the splint correctly after 1 or 2 nights.

We help people like you that are suffering from symptoms of carpal tunnel to get clarity about what is wrong, get the right help, and ensure lasting results to help you avoid having to take pills, injections, and surgery.  Next week’s article, I will share the ONE thing that you are doing that is making it worse.

occupational therapy broken wrist

The author – Hoang Tran is the owner of Hands-on Therapy Services and author of the book “The Hands-On Approach”.  She loves helping people with hand problems. Call her at 786-615-9879 or email at hoang@handsots.com


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