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Client success story and how she returned to playing golf


This is Shirely’s story.  Watch her story from her own words at the end 🙂

We first “met” Shirely when she requested our shoulder pain guide on Google when she was searching for what she can do about her shoulder pain.  We emailed her the guide and then started talking over email and then had a phone consultation.

Funny enough….she told us that she had not requested the guide but was indeed having some shoulder pain and seemed so fortunate that we could be helping her.  Turns out that one of her friends was searching and put in her name to get her the help that she needed.

Shirely tripped and fell a few months earlier….about 6 months earlier but thankfully…nothing broken and after a few weeks she was moving her arm just fine!  She was feeling painful at first but then after a while the pain was less and less and she got better movement.  But she kept feeling this tightness and stiffness that she had never felt before.  It was starting to affect her golf game.  She asked her doctors, friends, and family and they all told her ….well it was because she was getting old…and that it was normal to have that stiffness and pain because that’s just what happens as we age.  No one ever recommended that she seek out some help like occupational therapy or physical therapy…until one friend and health care professional recommended that she get some help to improve her golf game again.

See….Shirely’s in her 80’s but you know what I told her?  She wasn’t feeling this before she fell….and she was still the same age.  She plays golf weekly and even competes in tournaments that she wins! She was really worried that at her age, if she was feeling like this, could it get worst and would she not only loose her independence but also her ability to enjoy her life playing golf?

NO….you don’t have to live with annoying and nagging shoulder pain that just drains your energy and stops you from enjoying life the way YOU want to enjoy life.  She came in for our free discovery session where we could really take a look at what was going on with her shoulder and help come up with a plan that could help her sleep better, get dressed without pain and difficulty, and most importantly help her feel accomplished with her golf swing.  We simply helped her make a decision about what to do next….so she doesn’t have to live worrying and wondering what is really wrong with her shoulder.

We help people just like Shirely every day get rid of the frustration, the anxiety, and eased her mind about her shoulder pain.  It doesn’t have to be “broken” or have 10/10 pain to get the HELP that you need to FEEL comfortable in your body, to sleep better and wake up more rested, and just be able to enjoy LIFE.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain and you are WORRIED about it….or feel FRUSTRATED that it’s still lingering? We have made our website and our business as easy for you as possible to get the help that you need. We understand that you may NOT be ready to come in….so request a FREE phone consultation with our therapist to get clarity on what’s going on with your shoulder.

I get that you may still not be ready….feel skeptical about talking to us….which we understand.  That’s why we have also created a shoulder guide just for you to take. Click here to take our FREE SHOULDER GUIDE and get started there.  Whatever  YOU decide to do, we just want to be here to help you along your process because we think it’s important to feel good.

Watch her tell her story below!


or simply find out more about Occupational Therapy in Miami and Physical Therapy in Miami and Doral

Hoang Tran

Disclaimer:  As with all our pages, this is NOT a substitute for formal medical treatment or occupational therapy.  It is intended to inform only.  Hands on Therapy Services disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information.

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