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Do you Really Need Rotator Cuff Surgery?

rotator cuff

If you’re dealing with shoulder pain or a suspected rotator cuff injury, you’re probably wondering whether surgery is truly necessary.

Let’s break it down.

The rotator cuff comprises four muscles and tendons that work together to enable smooth shoulder movement. As you age, especially after 40, some wear and tear on these tendons is normal. However, the severity of your injury is the key factor in determining whether surgery is the right choice.

  1. Full Tear: If you have a complete tear due to a traumatic incident, surgery is usually recommended because tendons can’t heal on their own. Delaying surgery may result in missed opportunities for repair, as the muscle retracts over time.
  2. Partial Tear or Early Symptoms: If your condition involves a partial tear or you’re experiencing early symptoms of a tear, conservative treatments become crucial. Age isn’t a strict determinant; even individuals in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond can benefit from non-surgical options.

Here’s what to consider:

  • Conservative Treatment: Give non-surgical treatments like therapy a chance. The right therapy, tailored to your needs, can significantly reduce pain and improve function within a few weeks.
  • Activity Level: Your commitment to staying active and engaged in your life plays a role in the decision. If you want to maintain an active lifestyle, conservative treatments may be a suitable option.
  • Progress Monitoring: During therapy, focus on two main goals: reducing pain and maintaining that improvement. If you see consistent progress, surgery may not be necessary.
  • Comprehensive Assessment: Don’t forget to consider factors above and below your shoulder. Your entire musculoskeletal system, including your spine, plays a crucial role in shoulder health. A holistic approach can make a significant difference in your recovery.

Ultimately, the choice to undergo surgery should be a well-informed decision that aligns with your goals and lifestyle. Some people prefer surgery for various reasons, but if you’re committed to avoiding it, consult with a therapist who specializes in shoulders. Together, you can explore conservative treatments to address your condition effectively.

Remember, many individuals have successfully avoided rotator cuff surgery through the right therapy and a commitment to the recovery process.

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Final Thoughts

I think I’ve seen, you know, a lot in my over 20 years of working as a hand therapist, that I can tell you right now, even without, you know, knowing what’s going on with you, that there’s a lot of possibility, and it’s just about finding the right therapist to work with, to give you some insight. But the sooner, the better. The sooner, the better. Don’t wait. Don’t wait. Because, when you wait, your recovery is gonna just look different. All right? So, if this has helped you, please leave a comment below, and let me know if this has helped you in terms of getting a better understanding of your injury, and knowing what you can do next. All right. Thanks so much for watching.

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 About Hoang Tran – an expert in physical & occupational therapy  

Hoang Tran is a Miami certified hand therapist , the owner of Hands-on Therapy Services and the author of the book “The Hands-On Approach”. She loves helping people with hand, neck and shoulder problems because she knows how bad and debilitating they can get if not addressed and treated properly (once and for all!). 

The aim of her occupational therapy practice is to bring patients back to full functionality, without pills, injections or surgery. Occupational and Physical Therapy are both offered at Hands-On Therapy by our experienced therapists who provide a comprehensive approach to your care. 

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