Frequently Asked Questions Guide

I know that when it comes to needing physical therapy or occupational therapy and actually coming into physical/occupational therapy…you may have a TON of questions.  I want to answer those questions for you because I want to make sure you have the information that you need to make the best decision about your health.


We help people with arm and hand injures to get rid of their pain, be active again, and avoid pills, injections, and surgery. This FAQ guide will start to answer some of those questions that you have been thinking but not sure of WHOM to ask? 


Watch whom we have helped after hand surgery and after sending him the FAQ guide to ensure he had the best possible results after hand surgery:

(If you have had surgery or already planning for surgery….I have a WHOLE SEPARATE FAQ guide for YOU!)

You are just starting to think about therapy:

  1. Do I really need therapy or will my pain just go away on its own? Well….that really all depends on how you feel, for how long have you had pain, and how is it getting in your way of doing what you want to do. I can certainly tell you that my own mother had this same question when her shoulder was hurting.  She ended up waiting for almost year by which time, her pain was crippling and she could not sleep or lift her arm up. So I would recommend if the pain doesn’t go away soon or it goes and comes, then your BEST bet would be to at least talk to an occupational therapist or physical therapist and find out what might really be going on that’s causing the pain to persist.  We also offer FREE tip guides for shoulder, elbow, and wrist/hand pain to help you at least get started on your own!
  2. When should I start therapy for my hand or arm problem? Starting therapy can feel like such a hassel…especially if you don’t KNOW what’s wrong and IF therapy would even help. Am I right? I know (even for myself) for so many people that I have talked to, the pain starts to creep in but never feels urgent until it’s almost too late. Because unless you fell and hurt yourself or had surgery, you are still able to get up, take care of yourself in the morning, and go to work.  Some even can still workout or do the fun things that they like to do…so they never think therapy is something that they NEED. Talk to your local therapist…they can give you great insight to when you should get started depending on how bad your pain and limitations are.
  3. Do I need a prescription from the doctor 1st before starting therapy? NO! You can start therapy without a prescription.  Skip waiting for an appointment and waiting just to talk to them for 2 minutes if you are lucky. I recommend asking your occupational or physical therapist.  IT all really depends! If your story is that you fell a certain way, and you have a certain amount of pain…going to the doctor might be a better choice.  IF you have pain that over time has gotten worst but you want to be proactive…going to therapy right away and discussing that with your therapist would be the best time saver for you. We offer FREE phone consultations where you can speak directly with the therapist and get direct answers to your questions immediately!  
  4. How do I find the right therapy clinic?  We all know there’s a ton of therapy centers all over the place…just like there are a ton of doctors all over.  And we know that you have the right to CHOSE where to go to. BUT who’s right for YOU? You need to find a therapy center where YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE.  Are you able to speak with the therapist? Are they answering your questions? What we do at Hands on Therapy Services is to make sure we are here to answer your questions BEFORE you come in because we want to help you make the best decision about your health and wellbeing. Another way is by asking your friends and family if they have had similar injures about where to go.  I say similar because if they went somewhere for their leg and you have a hand injury…I’m sure you would want someone who sees your type of injury all day, every day.  If you have gone to a doctor, then you can ask them for a recommendation BUT unless they are specialized, they may not know where to recommend you.  Some recommend you right to their own clinics, which is fine if that is what you are comfortable with.  If never hurts to take a look around.  Some of our patients that have hand surgeons that recommend us, still look and call around!  And I definitely encourage that because I want to make sure when you decide to work with us, that you are comfortable with that decision.  That’s why we offer FREE DISCOVERY sessions…it’s an opportunity to come see us, come talk to us face to face, and an opportunity for us to give you even MORE free information about how you can feel better and move better.
  5. Do you take my insurance?  I saved the best question for last! We work with many different insurance companies and what we offer is to check for you what benefits you have or don’t have. Insurance coverage is so drastically different from plan to plan no matter if it is the same company.  But we can help you navigate it and help you make the right choice for you and your recovery.  Take a look at cost and availability to get started towards your recovery.  Don’t let that pain nag and annoy you endlessly and for sure…don’t let it get worst!

About your 1st VISIT:

  1. What should I bring to my 1st appointment? First of all…YOU! That’s the most important…making that appointment and keeping it!  After that just your id and script if you have it.
  2. What should I wear? Well…I can say this with certainly…since we work with arms and hands, KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! HA!  If you are coming for a shoulder or neck problem…wearing something loose or that’s slightly open will allow us to work better.  If you are elbow troubles, then a short sleeve shirt would be great! And if it is hand pain…anything that you want will do just fine!  Wear whatever makes you comfortable and we will do the rest!
  3. How long is each visit? Our therapy sessions usually run between 50-60 minutes…but if you need more time to ask your questions, then you can take as much as you need.  Before getting to your appointment, we like to ask a lot of questions so that we can help you better and help you determine what is best for your needs.
  4. How often do I have to come to therapy? How often you come in is discussed either in your free discovery session or at your initial evaluation where the therapist gets to dig deeper into what is bothering you and what your goals are.  Your therapist will make recommendations and you decide what it is that you want and what is important to you.  The great thing about occupational therapy and physical therapy is that you don’t HAVE to do anything but that we hope to encourage you to WANT to come in so that you can feel BETTER with everything that you do.  We also want to help you avoid pills, injections, and surgery! But only if you want to avoid those same goals!  Some people that I work with, would rather just have injections because it’s “faster”…but they don’t always realize that they never got to their ROOT problem.  So the injections can last a few months…a year if they are lucky…but the pain can come back.  We can be here to help you then as well. So if you know you are going to have surgery….or had surgery…we have a FAQ guide just for after surgery care.  Get it BEFORE your surgery…it will guide and answer your questions to make it a much easier process for you!

Hands On Therapy Services is an outpatient therapy clinic in Miami with an Occupational Therapist / Certified Hand Therapist specializing in all types of injuries / disorders of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand.


This FAQ guide is for you if you plan on having surgery or already had surgery. The top questions that all my past patients had… all in this guide for you.

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