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Frozen Shoulder – Top 3 Stretches To Get Started

frozen shoulder treatment miami

Think you might have Frozen Shoulder? Want to stay more active and get rid of Frozen Shoulder pain? You have come to the right place so read on!

Let me tell you a true story… 

…about our client, Carlos, who was referred to me by a friend. Honestly, I think that was the only reason why he came. Not because he didn’t want to get better, but because he didn’t know what we would be able to do for him and if we could help him with his shoulder pain. He had gone to other healthcare professionals and they didn’t help him. So why trust us?

When his shoulder pain started about a year ago, he was directed to take medication and just live with it. It will get better – he was told.

In our conversations he did not know that occupational therapy could help him avoid injections and surgery and reduce his pain, allowing him to be more active.

This is among many reasons why I love speaking with people before taking them on as a client. I want to know how I can add value and give them a happier life. I would hate to be another healthcare professional that disappointed them. Although we did not have a lot of sessions together (because he’s from out of town), we were able to work out some of the pain. I gave him a few exercises to do – one stretch and one crucial exercise to get him started in reducing his pain and frozen shoulder.

frozen shoulder therapy miami

Frozen Shoulder treatment in Miami worked wonders again

Later he texted me that he felt so much relief and was glad he came for a session. Though I was thrilled that he felt better, I was so glad I got across to him that there is hope for more natural healing. I was grateful to let him know about more natural OPTIONS available to him – to reduce pain, sleep better, be more active, and avoid injections. Occupational Therapy/Certified Hand Therapy is an option for a successful frozen shoulder treatment in Miami and Doral. 

Try this if you suffer from shoulder pain

Specific stretches can be a great way of getting better motion, and getting better motion can help get rid of pain, like frozen shoulder. Stretches can be uncomfortable, and that’s fine if you don’t have sharp pain that radiates down your arm.  After you let go of a stretch, that sensation of pulling or tightness should go away. Don’t do a stretch that is so painful that the pain lingers. That would not be a good stretch and could further aggravate the problem. 

Try doing some simple: 

  1. Gentle neck stretches by trying to look over your shoulder, then look down. Both sides.
  2. Laying down, bring your arms over your head, keep the elbows straight. You can use the other hand to gently help.
  3. Clasp hands behind your back and stand nice and straight. This is the hardest and can be the most painful so don’t do it if it hurts. 

Just make sure to do two to three reps but really hold it for a good 10 seconds.

Stretches are just ONE simple way to get rid of frozen shoulder. Nothing is more annoying than when pain stops you from getting the rest you need or slows you down from being active with your family or from reaching your fitness goals! Whether you have tried nothing so far or have tried other health providers, don’t let that stop you from getting help to get rid of frozen shoulder problems!

We have a Free Shoulder Guide with even more tips and strategies to help you. Grab it from www.handsots.com/shoulder or give us a call at 786-615-9879.

Written by Hoang Tran

About the author – Hoang Tran

Hoang Tran is a hand therapist in Miami, the owner of Hands-on Therapy Services and author of the book “The Hands-On Approach”. She loves helping people with hand and shoulder problems, because she knows how bad and debilitating they can get if not addressed and treated properly (once and for all!).

The aim of her practice is to bring their patients back to full functionality, without pills, injections or surgery. If you would like more information about the services, visit handsots.com or schedule an appointment here. In these difficult times, we are here to help. Telehealth and online sessions are available!


frozen shoulder treatment miami

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