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5 Helpful Tips for Preventing Hand Injuries

Hand injury Miami

Our hands perform a multitude of tasks on a daily basis. It is in fact the second most common body part to be injured, especially in workplace accidents. A hand injury is one of the most traumatic accidents a person can experience because it takes away the person’s ability to work and perform daily activities. The effects can be temporary, or permanent.

According to Health Council of North Carolina, the five most common hand injuries in workplaces are:

In product manufacture factories hand injuries from physical or chemical hazards result in abrasions, burns, bruises, cuts, fractures, punctures, chemical exposure and amputations. These kinds of injuries mostly occur due to lack of experience or training.

Although hand injuries are common there are ways to prevent traumatic hand injury from happening. Today, hand therapist in Miami will share the 5 helpful tips for preventing these life-altering injuries.

  • Wear appropriate gloves

Studies show that 60% of workers remove their protective gloves if they don’t provide enough dexterity for their hands –  they are leaving them vulnerable. Dexterity is important, especially when performing intricate task. If the glove doesn’t provide proper dexterity, you should look for one that offers the right combination of dexterity and protection to further prevent hand injury.  Aside from wearing the right gloves, it’s also important to always pay attention to where both of your hands are placed, especially for people who are navigating machinery.

  • Be aware  of pinch points hazards

It’s important to train yourself to recognize the pinch points hazards. The three kinds of hazards are:

  • Mechanical hazard – this kind of hazard is brought by some tools and machinery. If they are used incorrectly it may result in fingers getting caught, pinched, and crushed or getting wounded by the machine’s moving parts.
  • Contact hazard – this is mostly caused by sharp objects, debris, electrical current, chemicals and extreme hot or cold temperatures. Being in contact with such materials may result in a cut or a burn to your hands.
  • Personal hazard – this kind of hazard is related to wearing jewelry, loose clothing, improper usage of equipment, or defective equipment.

These three kinds hazards should be easily avoided! Don’t place your hands and fingers in such hazardous spots.

Hand injury Miami
  • Inspect the tools before use

Before using a specific tool, check to see if it works well and if it’s safe to use. Tools that have loose or cracked handles are a frequent cause of hand and finger injury. Attempting to use defective tools is dangerous. ALWAYS put your safety first and use the right tool for the job.

  • Always be mindful when closing doors

Before closing the main door or a car door always make sure your hands or fingers are away from the edges. Fingers caught in a door can cause serious hand fractures, so always pay attention to details to prevent hand injuries from happening.    

  • Do not work with moving equipment

If there’s a way to stop the equipment from moving, properly do so. Working with moving equipment may result in traumatic hand injury.   

Keep in mind these five helpful tips to reduce the risk of hand injuries.

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Our clinic specializes in diagnosis and treatment of different kinds of hand injuries. The aim of  Miami occupational therapy practice is to bring patients back to full functionality, without pills, injections or surgery. We offer expert services to improve your hand health.

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