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Hand Pain – Should I wait?


Hand Pain

We have people who call and talk to us about their hand and wrist pain all the time and it’s usually been bothering them for a few months.  Sometimes it turns out that it’s more like a few years.

The pain or rather “achiness” can come and go and doesn’t tend to STOP them from doing anything but in the back of their mind, they admit it does worry them.

I had this one guy who works with his hands tell me that he just couldn’t remember anything happening but just started achy and then persisted and still hasn’t gone away.  He’s really worried because he works for himself.

Imagine….you use your hands for work…artist or musician…mostly work for yourself.  SO if your pain got worse….who could work for you?

No one.  You can’t call in sick.  There are no benefits to pull from. 

This artist told me it doesn’t stop him from doing anything but now that he’s worried and scared it could be worst.  It was a wake up call.  He doesn’t want the pain to get so bad that it stops him from working.  He doesn’t want to continue working out and lifting the way that he did before even though he loves doing Crossfit or some variation of it.

But guess what?  He called and rescheduled his appointment since he was starting to feel better.

Should I Wait?

He asked me….Should I Just wait because it’s starting to feel better?

My answer simply is NO.

Not because I need him as a client.

Truly because I’ve seen people wait. And wait.  Once it’s really bad, they want to rush in and get better in a visit.  That’s just not how the body works.

The hand and wrist didn’t just get better on it’s OWN. The pain got a little better because YOU decided to stop USING IT!  You literally stopped doing the things you want to do because you are worried and afraid it will get worse.

So what happens when you start to get more work?  And start doing more?  You never got to the root cause of why you had pain to start with.  Just getting to hand and wrist pain before it gets worse allows you to get rid of the problem FASTER which just saves you time and money.  Getting help now ensures that you get to the root cause of the hand and wrist pain so that you improve your chances of not having that problem come back.  And if it did, you would know what to do to nip it in the bud.

We worked with a musician that just did amazing with us to get rid of her pain.  She knew that her busy season was coming up and if she couldn’t play, not only would she lose the gigs that season, but they may not call her for other gigs since she would say no.

If you are someone suffering from hand and wrist issues, and think it doesn’t STOP you from anything…..it may be stopping you more than you think.

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