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Hand Therapy Week June 1-7 2015

hand therapy


Hand therapy week is coming up next week! I am always try to bring more awareness to the need and importance of certified hand therapy. Now as a small business owner, it has become that much more important for me. I started out wanting to work with kids really as my first experiences in health care were with kids at Miami Children’s Hospital and at a psychiatric hospital.  It wasn’t until I started volunteering with the Hand Center at Shands Hospital that I discovered how interesting and complex the hand…really the whole arm is.  I will always remember observing this guy that sustained a snake bite somewhere on his arm but the injury and surgery he required extended from his fingers all the way past his elbow.   Our hands (arm) are our tools, we need to take care of them to make them last the life time.  Seeking out that specialist, a certified hand therapist (CHT) can make all the difference in how you recover and what you recover.

Next week I am going to post on some common questions that I face all the time.  If I go to a friends house or at a restaurant and it comes up that I am a certified hand therapist??  I get asked what about this pain, that pain and what can I do? I am going to try and answer some of those questions for you.  But remember everyone is different and every case is different, if in doubt seek the attention of your doctor or your therapist.  First on the list, lateral epicondylitis, better know as tennis elbow.  Stay tuned!

Hands on Therapy Services is a leading Miami certified hand therapist, specializing in rehabilitation of shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand injuries resulting from injuries, surgery, or naturally occurring conditions. Our Miami hand therapy services are provided by our certified hand therapist in Miami. We also offer occupational therapy in Miami with our on site occupational therapist. Plus – coming soon – we will be offering physical therapy in Miami.

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