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How Do You Treat Tennis Elbow Fast? [Easy Guide]

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What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is a painful condition that affects the elbow. It is one of the most common soft tissue conditions of the arm that affects 1-3% of American adults. It is caused by overuse of the forearm muscles and tendons, which can lead to small tears in the tendons that attach to the lateral epicondyle, a bony bump on the outer side of the elbow.

Despite its name, tennis elbow is not limited to tennis players and can affect anyone who performs repetitive motions that involve the forearm, such as painters, carpenters, and computer users. Activities that involve gripping, twisting, or lifting objects, as well as repetitive typing and using a computer mouse, can also contribute to the development of tennis elbow. 

In addition to overuse, other factors that may increase the risk of developing tennis elbow include age, as it is more common in people between the ages of 30 and 50, and certain occupations or hobbies that involve repetitive arm and hand motions. Genetics may also play a role, as some people may be more prone to developing tendon injuries. 

What are the common signs and symptoms of tennis elbow?

Symptoms of tennis elbow include pain and tenderness on the outer side of the elbow, weakness in the forearm, and difficulty gripping objects. The pain may also radiate down the forearm and into the wrist. In some cases, there may be swelling and stiffness in the elbow joint.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Tennis Elbow 

  • Pain or tenderness on the outer side of the elbow 
  • Weakness in the forearm
  • Difficulty gripping objects, especially with the hand that is affected
  • Pain that may radiate down the forearm and into the wrist 
  • Stiffness in the elbow joint 
  • Worsening pain when using the affected arm for activities such as gripping, twisting, or lifting objects 

In some cases, the symptoms of tennis elbow may develop gradually and worsen over time. In other cases, the symptoms may come on suddenly and be severe. The pain and discomfort associated with tennis elbow can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks, and in severe cases, it may even prevent a person from using their affected arm altogether. If you are experiencing symptoms of tennis

elbow, it is important to seek medical attention to determine the best course of treatment. The symptoms often get worse with forearm movement, such as holding a racquet, turning a wrench, or even shaking hands. Your dominant arm is most frequently affected by this condition; nevertheless, you may feel the symptoms in both arms.

tennis elbow treatment Miami

What are the fast treatments?

When you are in pain, you want your symptoms to disappear really fast, which is understandable.

There are some therapies you can try to achieve this goal. However, remember that good therapy is the one which brings lasting effects without worsening your condition in the long run.

So, your safest bet will be consulting an occupational/ physical therapist, who will guide you through the process, ensuring the most lasting results.

Common treatments include:


Give your arm proper rest. It’s the first thing you may want to try before you move on to more advanced techniques. Stop all sports, or burdening work activities for a few weeks.


Use ice pack to relax the muscle or use ice to massage to help reduce the deep swelling  


Using a brace centered over the posterior part of your forearm should also help relieve some symptoms of tennis elbow. The positive outcome is ensured by the brace helping to rest the muscles and tendons connected to your elbow.  Just don’t get stuck using it forever….it’s just a band aid.

How Do You Treat Tennis Elbow Fast?

Find the right Occupational/Physical therapy in the Miami area.

Specific exercises are helpful for strengthening the muscles of the forearm. Your occupational/physical therapist in Miami, can use hands-on techniques to reduce the pain, muscle-stimulation techniques to improve muscle healing, and teach you all the things you can do to get rid of tennis elbow for good.

The right occupational/physical therapy program is your best chance to get rid of the hand pain and numbness, stop the tennis elbow symptoms from getting worse and avoid repeated injections, and surgery. 

Ultimately, occupational/physical therapy treatment is vital for patients suffering from tennis elbow. It can help minimize and even eliminate symptoms. Occupational/Physical therapy enables you to return to regular activities and live life to the fullest, WITHOUT PAIN. 

Hands-on Therapy Services – your Tennis Elbow therapy destination! 

At Hands-on Therapy Services, Hoang Tran’s and other therapists’ mission is to help you make the best decisions on what to do for your health and well-being. With their help, you will receive the answers you need and professional help that will bring you back to full recovery. 

Our Miami occupational therapy clinic offers an open and friendly environment where you will feel comfortable being treated by an occupational therapist or certified hand therapist (OT/CHT) in a one-on-one setting. 

Do you live in Miami or Doral, and you are having elbow pain, or just annoying, nagging discomfort? Are you looking to ease your mind about what can be done to help no matter how long it’s been – weeks, months, or even years? Hands-on Therapy Services, a provider of occupational/physical therapy, will be happy to answer ALL your questions regarding physical therapy in Doral, or physical therapy in Miami. Contact Us to make an appointment, or learn more about what we can do for you. 

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