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How to get rid of shoulder pain and avoid surgery.

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This is just one story of how a Miami woman got rid of her shoulder pain and avoid surgery….

Do you want to stay active and work out but are having shoulder pain?

Have you tried taking care of it on your own and it’s still not gone away?

Have you gone to doctors and all they want to do is recommend pills, injections, and surgery?

If you have answered yes to the above, keep reading to see how one Miami woman avoided surgery and got back to the gym.

Shoulder pain can sort of start out of “nowhere”….but honestly we do so much with our arms that puts a lot of stress on our shoulders.  Shoulders have a lot of movement, therefore, it is not stable.  Even when we think we are strong, there can be certain muscles that are just weaker than others…just naturally.  That is perfectly normal, even in people that workout all the time.

It’s so easy to have that one wrong movement that can cause the shoulder to “snap” or “pop”.  It’s painful at first for a few minutes but then the pain slowly clams down and you think “oh I’m fine…it’s all good” because you can move your shoulder.  Unfortunately, a few days and weeks can pass, and all the sudden you can feel that annoying little pinch in your shoulder.  Then over few more days or weeks, your shoulder can become more painful with simple things like getting dressed, or reaching overhead to get something out of the cupboard…then more pain that you don’t feel safe to work out and you can’t seem to set comfortable when falling asleep or even staying asleep because that shoulder pain is waking you up.

This is exactly what happened to a Miami woman, who came to me with shoulder pain that started 6 months ago.  She tried to just take care of it herself at first.  But then she was in so much pain that she was having trouble working and sleeping, and even simple things like put her hair in a ponytail.  So she went to the doctor and he gave her pills to help with the pain and sent her to therapy…said she had a frozen shoulder.  But unfortunately for her, she wasn’t making enough progress and he suggested injection, then surgery to clean out the shoulder because it was so stuck and painful but her MRI didn’t show a tear of the tendons.

She was distraught at the idea of surgery.  She DID NOT want that.  I mean, who actually “wants” surgery. Well…she did not feel like she had explored all her options yet.  She DID NOT want PILLS, INJECTIONS, or SURGERY.

But she had already tried going to physical/occupational therapy and it didn’t seem to help.  Frustrated and worried about possible surgery, she decided to try one more time with us at Hands-On Therapy Services, know that we help people just like HER to become pain free, and avoid injections and surgery.

So have you tried going somewhere else and just not satisfied with the care?  This Miami woman sure wanted more one on one care, attention, and the hands-on approach to help her stretch and get rid of the pain.

When she came to us, I spoke to her about what she had been doing.  What was she doing at the other therapy location in order to explore what she did that worked and did not work.  One of the most important aspects of therapy that she wanted was the one-on-one time that we dedicated to her to get her moving.  A lot of stretching and manual treatment to help get rid of the pain, get the motion that she wanted, and strengthening in a way to keep that motion and rid the pain once and for all.  In the end, she’s back to her Orange Theory workouts and most importantly, we were able to help her AVOID SURGERY.

If you are suffering from annoying shoulder pain, can’t sleep, can’t do the fun activities that you should be able to do, and want to avoid things like pills, and surgery…..inquire about our FREE SHOULDER PAIN report.  It’s free tips to get you started right away in becoming pain free!

And if you want MORE….talk to our therapist first….get even more free tips and advice for your shoulder pain on what needs to happen next.  This way….we can gear the information specifically for YOU.

Look forward to talk to you soon!

Hoang Tran OT/L, CHT

Disclaimer:  As with all our pages, this is NOT a substitute for formal medical treatment or occupational therapy.  It is intended to inform only.  Hands on Therapy Services disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information.

Hands on Therapy Services in Miami, FL helps people with arm and hand injuries to be able to stay active, pain free, and avoid surgeries.  For more contact info  please click here

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