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Music as a form of therapy?

Miami Occupational therapy

Music is an inevitable part of human life. It can make us cry, smile, dance or think. It accompanies us during the most important life events and in everyday situations.

Because of its effect on our feelings, music started to be used as a therapy methody, particularly for people with depression, anxiety or other emotional problems. Though, music therapy is a more common practice in mental health treatments, it may also improve the quality of life of people with physical disabilities.

Dr. Hoang, a leading doctor in occupational clinic in Miami, shares few positive aspects of using music as a therapy tool on our body and mind.

Miami Occupational therapy

Fighting depression

Studies show that in comparison to traditional therapy, music therapy helped to achieve better results when fighting with depression. One way to think about it is that music encourages  us to express our repressed emotions, resulting in relief. Another aspect is that when we listen to music a neurotransmitter – dopamine – is released. This helps activate the part of our brains responsible for reward and pleasure, which results in making us feel happier.

Boosting creativity

How often do you turn on the music when working on a new project or doing homework? If your answer is “not often” you may want to rethink that. Because music is believed to boost creativity. Finnish researchers found that the mind-wandering mode suddenly activates when the brain is processing a melody and stimulates the generation of creative ideas. Music can also put you into a relaxing mode in which decisions are made easier.

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Restoring a speech

People who have experienced a stroke or a traumatic brain injury may benefit from music therapy as well. In cases where a disease has damaged their left-brain region, people can fool the brain and try to sing instead, because singing originates in the right side. Instead of saying, they can sing out their thoughts and then gradually drop the melody.

Former U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords used this technique after a gunshot to the head destroyed her ability to speak.  

Pain relief

Music is believed to have an effect on people’s perception of pain and their stress level. Although, exact mechanisms through which music reduces pain are still unknown – researchers assume that it is connected to the decreased production of a stress hormone cortisol, which happens when a person listens to the music.

This has an implication for people with arthritis, cancer, or chronic pain.

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