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Physical Therapy After Hand Surgery: What to Expect

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There are many factors that can help speed up your recovery and regain the use of your hands after a hand surgery in Miami. Aside from your own body’s capacity to heal, undergoing physical therapy in Doral can deliver a huge impact on your healing progress. 

After a hand surgery, you may experience immobility for several days or weeks. To enhance recovery, you can wrap your hand with a bandage, or splint. Your activities will also be limited until your doctor determines that you are ready for the next phase of the rehabilitation.

What Entails Physical Therapy for the Hand

Physical therapy for the hand usually includes exercises, massages, heat therapy, nerve stimulation, traction, and splinting. If there is surgery involved, the physical therapist will also assist the patient on how to prevent the swelling and infection of the surgical scars, according to the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.

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A physical therapist must also help the patient re-learn the following:

  • The feel and sensation of his hands
  • The proper use of his hands, especially after experiencing years of pain  
  • Completing common activities with the use of tools, such as a ballpen, a knife, or a spoon and fork
  • Properly making a splint to prevent stiffness

The goal of physical therapy following a hand surgery is to enable the patient to get back to his normal activities so that he may continue to work and live independently without any assistance. 

Duration of Physical Therapy for the Hand

How hard you work with the physical therapist is just as important as having the surgery to correct the problems with your hand. According to a study in the Journal of Hand Microsurgery, the protocol of sessions for post-operative hand therapy must be two or three times a week for a successful outcome.

Every session may take either 30 minutes, or a full hour of exercises, massages, and other necessary routines to aid your rehabilitation. You may also have to do the exercises on your own based on what the physical therapist has taught you so that you can improve faster.

Expectations While Doing Physical Therapy in Doral

In the first few weeks of the physical therapy session, you must expect that your progress will be slow. If you’ve had a bad injury and the surgery was extensive then your hand could be stiff for days or weeks. Scar tissues usually loosen up after six months, so it’s normal to expect that your hand’s function won’t be “normal” until then. 

Still, it’s necessary to do the hand exercises every day despite experiencing slow progress. Apart from the exercises, your physical therapist will work on your shoulders and neck as these may also develop stiffness following the injury. Be attentive and mindful of the routines. If you’ve had some good coaching from your therapist, you can manage these exercises on your own.

Consequently, you must also maintain an elevated hand, especially when you’re sleeping to help with proper circulation. The physical therapist should teach you how to do this if you still have a bandage or splint.  

Learn more about proper care after hand surgery in Miami

If you’ve undergone a hand surgery and are in the process of recovering, Hands on Therapy – after hand surgery care clinic in Miami, and physical therapy in Doral can help you speed up the recovery process. We guarantee an improvement in your condition after a few sessions with our experts, which can save you a lot of time and money. For inquiries, call us at 786-615-9879.

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