• Feeling FRUSTRATED because it’s not going away on its’ own?
  • Want a real shot at being more active and hitting your fitness goals?
  • Worried about what could be WRONG and NOT knowing how to fix it?

Does that sound like you? 

We here at Hands-on Therapy Services can help.  We understand that most people don’t always get the difference between occupational therapy or physical therapy. 

As physical and occupational therapists, we understand how frustrating it is to have an injury or pain that doesn’t go away on its own, keeping you from performing activities that you used to enjoy. That’s why here at Hands on Therapy, we strive to remain the number 1 source of high-quality physical therapy in Doral. 

We help people with hand, arm, shoulder, and other related musculoskeletal problems get back to being active and stay that way without having to rely on pills, injections, and invasive treatments.

Hands on Therapy is your best choice for Doral physical therapy and occupational therapy. Our certified occupational and hand therapists can help you get relief whether it’s a simple sprain or a complex neurological issue that is causing our pain. 

How to Know If You Need Physical Therapy

Many people are not sure if they are a candidate for physical therapy, especially those whose symptoms are mild. Many people think they do not need physical therapy at all, believing that the pain will eventually go away on its own. 

Your friendly and certified Doral physical therapists have the answer. Most people can benefit from physical therapy, regardless of the level or severity of their symptoms. Even people who are not injured can also benefit from physical therapy. 

Physical therapists work not only to relieve pain, but to improve movement and performance as well. Physical therapists are movement experts. As such, we do not just help treat injuries, but also prevent them. 

Physical therapists work in different settings, including hospitals, sports clinics, and even nursing homes. However, you no longer need to go to a hospital to get the help of a physical therapist in Miami. Hand on Therapy offers Doral physical therapy that is personalized based on your needs!

Why Would One Need Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is considered to be a conservative method for the treatment, management, and prevention of injuries, which can turn to disabilities if not addressed timely and properly. As physical therapy utilizes non-invasive and non-medical equipment and tools to help enhance bodily function, it can be recommended to anyone.

In all, occupational and physical therapists focus on relieving pain, restoring movement, and promoting healing. We also look into ergonomic or body mechanics wellness and training. As such, regardless of age and physical health, anyone who may be having a problem with normal mobility can use physical therapy to restore normal and optimal body functions.

In general, you may be an urgent candidate for physical therapy if you experience the following:

  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Hand and arm pain
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal tunnel injury
  • Fracture or other orthopedic problems
  • Knee, ankle, and foot problems
  • Work-related injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Sprains
  • Muscle strains
  • Neurological problems or issues that require neuro-rehabilitation, such as stroke or spine injury
  • Surgery recovery
  • Cancer and cardiac recovery, and many more!

If you think that your movement can be better or if you have been experiencing pain or function abnormalities, talk to our certified physical therapist, occupational therapist, and hand therapist in Miami. We will guide you in the right direction!

AND what we know that is most important is getting the RIGHT kind of help you are looking for. 

As Occupational Therapists, we can help you become more active with your hobbies like playing tennis or golf or you just want to be able to take those fitness classes and get the most out of your workouts that you enjoy without worrying about MORE aches and pain AND avoid further injury that could STOP you all together.

Hands-on Therapy Services: Your Best Choice for Physical Therapy in Doral and Miami Area

Hands-on Therapy Services is composed of a team of compassionate professionals. We offer specialized and personalized physical therapy services for any pain, discomfort, or injury you may be experiencing. We are proud to say that our patients have enjoyed success in our services, thanks to the advanced methods that we implement. 

Founded by certified hand therapist and occupational therapist in Miami Hoang (who we also love to call Juanita), Hands-on Therapy Services ensures thorough evaluations to guarantee the success of our treatment plans. Using sophisticated diagnostic methods including movement analysis, we are able to determine which physical therapy services you need the most. 

Our Mission Is to Be Your Source of Excellent Doral Physical Therapy

Here at Hands-on Therapy, we achieve our mission by providing you with a professional and comfortable environment to further promote your continuous therapy and recovery. Our team is here not only to provide you with high-quality physical therapy services, but to also support you on your way to full recovery. 

Furthermore, our physical therapy plans are designed to treat a wide range of conditions. Among the services we offer are:

If you are looking for a Physical/Occupational Therapy Clinic in Doral, please watch this video to learn more about how we can help.


Get Started on Your Journey Towards Pain Relief: Visit Hands-on Therapy Services in Doral

Our Doral physical therapy specialists are here to support your recovery and rehabilitation! Talk to our therapist or schedule a free discovery visit to get to know our team and get an initial consultation. 

You may also contact us by calling 786-615-9879. Let’s talk about your concerns and let Hands-on Therapy Services come up with the best physical therapy plan for you!

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