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Common Reasons for Elbow Injury in Tennis Players

tennis elbow treatment in Miami

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is also called lateral epicondylitis. It is an overuse injury, common in tennis players, caused by repetitive elbow movements.

Tennis elbow will not only affect your playing capacity, but also the performance of basic activities that require the use of the elbows such as writing. If the signs and symptoms of tennis elbow have a severe impact on your daily routine, you might have to undergo physical therapy in Doral. With the help of a qualified physical therapist, you will be able to manage the condition better.

Anatomy of the elbows 

The elbow connects three bones of the arms: the humerus from the upper arm, and the radius and ulna from the forearm. The epicondyles, which are tiny bumps under the humerus, is located on the outside or the lateral side of the elbow joints.  

Keeping the elbows together are the ligaments, muscles and tendons. When lateral epicondylitis occurs, it usually pertains to the forearms’ muscles and tendons, specifically the tendon called the extensor carpi radialis brevis (ECRB). 

The ECRB provides stability to the elbows, arms and wrist. Overuse and repetitive movements, however, tend to damage the ECRB and cause wear and tear, which then lead to inflammation as the tendons rub against the tiny bumps on the bones. This is why tennis players feel pain when they have tennis elbow. 

Common reasons for developing tennis-related injuries

Aside from tennis elbow, players might also develop shoulder problems. The factors contributing to these issues include:

  • Poor playing technique
  • High level of participation but with little preparedness
  • Poor physical conditioning and overall physical health
  • Using the wrong racquet
  • Using dead balls or flat and wet tennis ball 
  • Wearing inappropriate footwear and protective gears
  • poor rehabilitation of previous injuries

How to prevent tennis elbow and other related injuries

Tennis involves plenty of running, side-to-side movement, as well as quick direction changes. It also requires some side and back bending, trunk rotation, as well as hyperextension movements.

Paying attention to how you move while holding a racquet is just as important as winning a match. Seek the help of a professional so that you will learn the right techniques in choosing and using your racquet, aside from playing your game well.

As much as you have to practice to play tennis better, you also need to take breaks to avoid injuries. Also, give your body enough time to recover, especially after a long and challenging match, so that you can return to the court physically fit, stronger and healthier.

What to do if you get injured?

Just like any musculoskeletal injury, the immediate treatment for tennis elbow are:

  • Stop what you were doing and rest the injured extremity
  • Put some ice on the affected elbow to ease the swelling and minimize pain
  • Wear a brace to immobilize and support the injury and relieve the symptoms

We have written an easy guide on how to treat tennis elbow in this article. It may also be necessary to get the best services from Doral physical therapy to help you get back to playing form faster.

Hands on Therapy Services – Physical Therapy in Doral

At Hands on Therapy Services, Hoang Tran’s and other therapists’ mission is to help you make the best decisions on what to do for your health and well-being. With their help, you will receive answers you need and professional help that will bring you back to full recovery

Our Miami clinic offers an open and friendly environment where you will feel comfortable being treated by an occupational therapist or certified hand therapist (OT/CHT) in a one-on-one setting.

Do you live in Doral and you are having elbow pain or discomfort? Hands on Therapy Services, a provider of occupational/physical therapy, will be happy to help you ease into physical therapy to improve your condition. Contact Us to make an appointment.

tennis elbow therapy Doral

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