We help people in Miami with arm and hand injuries to be able to stay active, pain free, and avoid surgery.

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  • Are you suffering with minor aches and pains…maybe even numbness that you are just NOT SURE what is and what it means for you?  
  • Want to know what you can do for your arm and hand pain WITHOUT having to wait to go to the doctor and avoid things like pills, injections, and surgery?
  • Want to stop losing sleep worrying about what could be wrong with your arm and hand pain and could it get WORST? Or just stop losing sleep because of the pain!

Whether it’s minor aches and pains… OR pain that has got you losing sleep…we CAN help you!  One of the most common things I hear when people are suffering and they just DON”T KNOW what it could be…they GOOGLE it! And there is just SO MUCH information out there….it can be paralyzing…it also paints the WORST CASE scenario. You end up freaking out even more and losing more sleep!  

We helped one Miami woman who had excruciating pain in shoulder and could not even lift it to care for her baby.  Of course, her and her husband were looking online and google told her that she could have this problem for over a year, need injections, and possible surgery….boy was she freaked out when we first started talking!! Thank goodness that she reached out to us fast…and found out that she CAN access occupational/physical therapy BEFORE even going to the doctor or urgent care to at least get the answers that she needs to make the BEST decision about her next step.  

Get the help that you need and deserve before having to wait for a doctor’s appointment and being told to take pills, injections, and surgery.  Click the link below for the help that you need.

Did you already have surgery to your shoulder, elbow, or hand and need help?

Whether it was an accident and now an unplanned surgery OR you knew and planned your surgery…we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions that people just like you have asked us over and over again in our FAQ guide.

Don’t let anyone tell you “..oh it’s easy” or question the pain and uncertainty that you feel.  As someone who helps people daily who have had surgeries of the hand and arm … there’s always worry and uncertainty about the pain and if you will ever feel or move “normally” again.  If those worries are nagging at you and more…click the link to grab your FAQ for after surgery guide.

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We realize that some people want to inquire about cost and appointment availability before booking. If you want to know about cost and availability in our Miami location, click the link and fill out the short form.

Inquire about cost and availability

If you are not quite ready to book an appointment, and have some questions that you need answered so that you are 100% sure that we can help you, request to speak with our therapist 1st. Our therapist will spend the time that you need to help you make the BEST decision…and it’s completely free! Click the link below and fill out the short form.

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We realize that some people are unsure if therapy is even right for them or if it will even “work”. Are you unsure if therapy will help you with your problem or have you been disappointed in the past? If that sounds like you, and you would like to come into the clinic, meet our team…apply for our FREE discovery visit and see for yourself how Hands On Therapy Services can help you. Click the link below and fill out the short form so we can better help you.

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