Tips to get rid of thumb pain

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Hey! I was just out visiting my brother who’s a surgeon.  He told me he was having thumb pain. Nothing that stops him for doing what he needs to do, but it bothers him…everyday. It’s this nagging, annoying, achenes that just doesn’t go away.   Want to know what I told him to do to help… Read more »

Certified hand therapist Miami – this is what you need to know if you are looking for one.

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Anyone with a hand injury should consider calling a doctor or seek medical attention. If medical attention is delayed, the potential for devastating and sometimes irreversible injuries increases greatly. One must know, that even the smallest cut or seemingly innocent hand injury could require advanced treatment delivered by a professional hand therapist to prevent infection… Read more »

What you need to know about wounds.

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wound care miami in action

This past weekend, I was able to attend a wound care course with a nice group of Miami occupational therapist, physical therapist, and hand surgeons.  There were many from the surrounding South Florida area as well.  As a certified hand therapist, I do a lot of wound care in my clinic and have had many… Read more »

How occupational therapy can help after a wrist fracture.

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certified hand therapy for distal radius fracture

How occupational therapy can help after a wrist fracture. As an occupational therapist with a hand therapy clinic in Miami, wrist fractures are a common diagnosis that I treat.  Anything that is near the wrist, people call a wrist injury.  But you actually have 8 small wrist bones and then 2 longer forearm bones called… Read more »

Frostbite finger injury in Miami?

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I met this young kid last year that came to my clinic with injuries to his small and long finger.  They were covered in a thick black scab…it looked like burns to the tips of his fingers, but not your typical burns that I had seen.  Now it’s not that I treat a ton of… Read more »

When to use Heat vs Cold treatment

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If you have ever been to occupational or physical therapy?  Did your therapist put a hot pack or a cold pack on your injured body part?  I know I often use heat and cold modalities and many of my patients want to know why I am using it, should they also be using it at… Read more »