Keeping hands healthy!

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It is Friday and we are going to have a Friday Hands-On Happy Hour!  Lets talk about keeping hands healthy!  And having some fun of course…. We are going to talk about one of my favorite drinks to make anytime! This is a staple for me and for my friends when they come over. While… Read more »

How occupational therapy can help after a wrist fracture.

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certified hand therapy for distal radius fracture

How occupational therapy can help after a wrist fracture. As an occupational therapist with a hand therapy clinic in Miami, wrist fractures are a common diagnosis that I treat.  Anything that is near the wrist, people call a wrist injury.  But you actually have 8 small wrist bones and then 2 longer forearm bones called… Read more »

Frostbite finger injury in Miami?

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I met this young kid last year that came to my clinic with injuries to his small and long finger.  They were covered in a thick black scab…it looked like burns to the tips of his fingers, but not your typical burns that I had seen.  Now it’s not that I treat a ton of… Read more »

Swelling in hand injuries

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[prisna-google-website-translator] “My hands and fingers are so swollen, how do I get the swelling down?”  This is one of the most common question that I get asked from people that have swelling after hand/wrist injuries or surgeries. First, let’s talk about what is swelling in hand?  Swelling is the inflammatory process after an injury or surgery…. Read more »

Hand injury after an attack.

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[prisna-google-website-translator] I am fortunate to get so many great, interesting cases cross my path over the years.  Since I am blogging now, I want to share one of my most recent case of a hand injury after an attack. Recently, a young man called to schedule his appointment for hand therapy after hand surgery.  Matt’s… Read more »