Tips to get rid of thumb pain

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Hey! I was just out visiting my brother who’s a surgeon.  He told me he was having thumb pain. Nothing that stops him for doing what he needs to do, but it bothers him…everyday. It’s this nagging, annoying, achenes that just doesn’t go away.   Want to know what I told him to do to help… Read more »

What people do for shoulder pain.

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Miami physical therapy

Does your shoulder hurt? Do you have a hard time getting to sleep at night because your shoulder hurts too much? Or getting not able comfortable at night when trying to laying on your favorite side? Do you wake up with a painful and stiff shoulder making it hard to get dressed and ready for… Read more »

Insurance and occupational/physical therapy

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Miami occupational therapy clinic

Do you have an injury and need occupational therapy or physical therapy services but not sure what you are covered for?  Insurance is a quagmire that I would rather not even deal with but it very much is a huge aspect of healthcare. I know because I also deal with it on my end as a… Read more »

What you need to know about wounds.

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wound care miami in action

This past weekend, I was able to attend a wound care course with a nice group of Miami occupational therapist, physical therapist, and hand surgeons.  There were many from the surrounding South Florida area as well.  As a certified hand therapist, I do a lot of wound care in my clinic and have had many… Read more »

How occupational therapy can help after a wrist fracture.

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certified hand therapy for distal radius fracture

How occupational therapy can help after a wrist fracture. As an occupational therapist with a hand therapy clinic in Miami, wrist fractures are a common diagnosis that I treat.  Anything that is near the wrist, people call a wrist injury.  But you actually have 8 small wrist bones and then 2 longer forearm bones called… Read more »