5 Tips To Help With Stretching

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  We hear so much about stretching….so what’s the big deal? What is your current understanding of what stretching is and why you should do it? Anyone here have neck and shoulder tightness? Painful? Can’t sleep or get comfortable sleeping? What are some of your job duties or general activities? Do you sit at a… Read more »

What people do for shoulder pain.

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Miami physical therapy

Does your shoulder hurt? Do you have a hard time getting to sleep at night because your shoulder hurts too much? Or getting not able comfortable at night when trying to laying on your favorite side? Do you wake up with a painful and stiff shoulder making it hard to get dressed and ready for… Read more »

Insurance and occupational/physical therapy

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Miami occupational therapy clinic

Do you have an injury and need occupational therapy or physical therapy services but not sure what you are covered for?  Insurance is a quagmire that I would rather not even deal with but it very much is a huge aspect of healthcare. I know because I also deal with it on my end as a… Read more »

When to use Heat vs Cold treatment

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If you have ever been to occupational or physical therapy?  Did your therapist put a hot pack or a cold pack on your injured body part?  I know I often use heat and cold modalities and many of my patients want to know why I am using it, should they also be using it at… Read more »

Hand therapy FUN!

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This week marks my office assistant’s end of her 3 month probationary period with us here at Hands on Therapy Services.  I am very happy to have Gretell on board with us and hope she can stay as long as she can and potentially even grow within our company.  Sometimes I have so many stories… Read more »

Your 1st hand therapy visit.

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Occupational therapy in Miami provocitive test

[prisna-google-website-translator] What can you expect during your 1st hand therapy visit? As the certified hand therapist here in Miami, I have been noticing more lately than ever before a delay in people coming into therapy after getting hurt or after surgery.  There are a lot of reasons like money or if it’s a worker’s compensation… Read more »