Avoid shoulder injury during travel.

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[prisna-google-website-translator] How can you avoid shoulder injury during travel?  I have a few tips that can be helpful. I’ve had a few business trips this year more than other years to continue to learn and bring it all back to you and my amazing staff.  I love to learn and getting to travel a little… Read more »

Wonder why you have shoulder pain after pregnancy?

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shoulder pain after pregnancy

Ever wonder why you have shoulder pain after pregnancy? Pregnancy is such an exciting time for most women!  Hopefully the morning sickness and all that passes and you get to enjoy the changes that your body goes through.  And of course it’s amazing after when you have your baby right? Though pregnancy can be great,… Read more »

Why does my shoulder click and pop?

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[prisna-google-website-translator] Do you have clicking in your shoulders when you are reaching overhead? Are you clicking or popping when working out? Wondering if something is wrong with your shoulder or could get worst? What does clicking in the shoulder mean? I get this question A LOT…from friends, family, or anyone that finds out I help… Read more »

What people do for shoulder pain.

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Miami physical therapy

Does your shoulder hurt? Do you have a hard time getting to sleep at night because your shoulder hurts too much? Or getting not able comfortable at night when trying to laying on your favorite side? Do you wake up with a painful and stiff shoulder making it hard to get dressed and ready for… Read more »