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Trimming christmas tree and cutting your hand with a chainsaw? Yes, believe it or not, these things happen! Hand injury Miami

Hand injury miami

Avoid the most common post-holidays traumas hand injuries in Miami!

Getting into the Post-Holiday Season spirit usually means cleaning the house. Decorating for the New Year and new occasions can mean putting up lights, spending hours (or days) shopping. Unfortunately, sometimes all this preparation to takes a toll on people.


America’s most common Christmas-related hand injuries are no joke. Some are serious and need to be attended to immediately by an appropriate specialist, for example our professional certified hand therapist in Miami. To help you avoid getting injured after Holidays we prepared these dos and don’ts!

What is the most common after christmas – related hand injury in Miami, Florida, and other States?

Perhaps cutting one’s hand with a chainsaw is indeed, an extreme case of a hand injury in Miami, but slicing a finger with scissors while wrapping gifts is not. Hospital injury reports are full or cases like the latter. Of course, very few of these injuries are life-threatening, but some are truly blood-curdling! Other examples of hand injury in Miami, Florida and other States (injuries that happened to ordinary people like you and me, who were simply preparing for Christmas and New Year’s Eve) include: lacerations and puncture wounds (occur when people use knives, scissors, and other sharp objects to wrap or open their present), strains and sprains.


Look at the graph below – it will give you an idea of the scale of the problem!

How to avoid hand injury? Our suggestions:


  1. Don’t drink and decorate! Many injuries occur because persons involved consumed too much alcohol. What is “too much” remains a mystery, so everyone will be better off if they trade alcohol for some ginger tea or spiced coffee while decorating.
  2. Don’t decorate alone. If an injury does happen, it is better if someone is around to help or to call for help. Don’t let your family members decorate alone, especially if they are children or elderly.
  3. Don’t leave children with christmas tree decorations alone. Even after Holidays glass balls are extremely fragile and cuts resulting from a broken glass ball are among the most common hand injury in Miami.


  1. Prepare snacks and (non-alcoholic!) drinks and invite your family member (or a neighbor) to give you a hand with decorating. Holiday season is about being together and helping each other, especially when it comes to getting into the christmas spirit by making your world a prettier, better, christmassy place!
  2. Allow your kids to decorate only with safe ornaments.
  3. If you use a ladder – make sure it is stable. The best way to set up your ladder is by placing it on solid, even ground. Ensure someone holds it steady for you!

Avoid hand injury in Miami in New Year. Our suggestions for you while wrapping and opening any presents:

Hand injuries incurred while wrapping or unwrapping gifts are the second most common type of hand especially on Christmas Day.


  1. Don’t hurry with opening gifts! You don’t want to be like that one guy who lacerated his thumb with a knife while opening a christmas present… Don’t hurry…enjoy the anticipation! 😉
  2. Don’t use kitchen knives or other inappropriate tools (such as pens or cosmetic scissors) to open your presents.


  1. Use tools according to their intended purpose.
  2. Always cut away from you and other people, and keep the blade away from children.
  3. Help children out if they’re having a hard time ripping through their presents. Remember, that decorative paper can be razor sharp on the edges and can cause deep, painful cuts.


Got injured during Holidays?

Get in touch with Miami certified hand therapist who is an expert at treating hand injuries of all kinds. Have a hand injury in Miami? Read more.

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