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What people do for shoulder pain.

shoulder therapy

Does your shoulder hurt?

Do you have a hard time getting to sleep at night because your shoulder hurts too much? Or getting not able comfortable at night when trying to laying on your favorite side?

Do you wake up with a painful and stiff shoulder making it hard to get dressed and ready for work?

Sounds like that shoulder pain can get in the way of your work and fun too, not just your sleep…

If this sounds like YOU….then you are not alone.

It’s a common problem that I hear about a lot here at Hands on Therapy Services.  But honestly…I hear it even when I am not at work.  My friends tell me about their shoulder problems and even my family….why lie….especially my family….

Sometimes I have so many stories, I just don’t know where to start?……hmmm

Let’s start with my mother…who shares her stories with some of my past and current patients…

She hurt her arm doing something…she can’t even remember…maybe it was when she was working and moving something heavy…or she was gardening and pulling on something….she felt “something” sorta tug painful or click, but after resting her arm, it stopped hurting that much….

She would start to use it again and it would hurt so she stopped using it that much, until one day….her shoulder became super painful and she could not lift her arm to get dressed, or reach back to clasp her bra…

What she did is unfortunately what a lot of people do….they WAIT because sometimes it gets better and she didn’t think it was that bad to waste time going to the doctor an what were they going to do for her anyway?

By the time she told me, she could not lift her arm up overhead and it had become so painful that she couldn’t sleep.   She for sure thought that NOW something was wrong.

Of course after pulling the truth out about WHAT happened and how LONG she had suffered…we were able to get started with therapy to get the pain down and get the motion back.

Can I tell you that she did go to the doctor because she thought why was this therapy thing taking so long?!?!  What can I tell you??….my mother is NO DIFFERENT than any of one else.  Oh I did tell you that she took a YEAR before she told me anything right?!? And I see my mother every week…

Turns out, the doctor ordered x-rays and gave her drugs to take, then only suggested therapy when my mother asked for it.  And she came home and told me “you were right….they said what you said they would say…”

I am not by any means telling you to NOT go to your doctor.  I am telling you what I would tell my own MOTHER…which I did, and I tell all my patients….if you want to go to your doctor, please go.  I will even recommend which specialist you need to see, what questions to ask….I will help you get the most from your visit with them!

But I know as an occupational therapist that specializes in arm injuries…what to test to use and look for…questions to ask…and make the right recommendations for you.  I want to help you to more active, pain free, and avoid injections and surgeries.

Does your shoulder hurt when you move it in certain ways?

Is it uncomfortable to get in the right position to fall asleep?

Do you wake up stiff and feel like there are things you can’t do as comfortably?

If this sounds like YOU, leave me a comment.  Let’s talk 1st to see what’s going on….we have a FREE shoulder report that you can use right away to get rid of your pain.    Please me a comment below if this sounds like you.

Disclaimer:  As with all our pages, this is NOT a substitute for formal medical treatment or occupational therapy.  It is intended to inform only.  Hands on Therapy Services disclaims any liability for the decisions you make based on this information.

Hands on Therapy Services in Miami, FL helps people with arm and hand injuries to be able to stay active, pain free, and avoid surgeries.  For more contact info  please click here

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