We help people in Miami with arm and hand injuries to stay active, pain free, and avoid pills, injections, and surgery.


  • Are you suffering with arm and hand pain that’s stopping you from being more active?
  • Is the pain making it hard for you to fall asleep or stay asleep?
  • Are you worried about what that pain means for you?
  • Did you recently have surgery or still recovering from a surgery that you thought you would be better by now?

Here at Hands On Therapy Services… we love to help people with arm and hand injuries to make the best decision about their health and wellbeing.  We know that you have many questions that you need answered and that sometimes there is just so much information that you don’t even know what to do. We also realize that is it hard to find someone that you can trust that will take the time to answer these questions for you BEFORE even booking for a paid session. People tell us over and over again that they have been suffering for years and didn’t know where to go or who to ask for help so that they can actually live pain free and enjoy their lives without worry. Does that sound like you? If so, you are not alone.

We talk to people every day… just like you.

This is Shirley. See what she said about us helping her stay active! 



Not sure if your pain is something to worry about or if you can just take care of it on your own? This is why we offer FREE tips guide for people that have shoulder/neck pain, elbow pain, and hand/wrist pain. You are right….there is sometimes things that you CAN do on your own… and we want to provide you with some useful tips that we found has worked and helped people live PAIN FREE and be as ACTIVE as they want to be. For example… people tell us all the time about their hand numbness and pain they have at night… which could be carpal tunnel syndrome… and wearing a night splint can really help with that!  The biggest problem with that is… no one advised them what to do NEXT! There’s some other useful tips in our HAND PAIN report that can guide you to living the life that you deserve.

What kind of help are you looking for?

Shoulder problem

Elbow Pain

Hand/Wrist aches

After surgery

  • Have you gone to the doctor and they told you to just rest or put a brace on you?
  • Are friends and family telling you… it’s just because you are doing “too much” or that “it’s just age”?
  • Are you skeptical if therapy can really help you?
  • Does all the information on the internet scare you?  

Sure… you can go to any type of doctor…some even wait until it is so bad that they find themselves at the urgent care center.  We have been trained to go to doctors all our lives… when we are hurt or sick… but it turns out that majority of the time… your questions are NOT answered and you are just given pills…braces… and even directed to physical and occupational therapy services… which can leave you even more confused and unsure about what to do next.  

A ton of information on the internet and even the quick responses from doctors can be scary because they paint the worst case scenario and it all has to do with taking pills, getting injections, and having surgery. If you are someone that is looking for an alternative… a more natural solution to your pain… and want firm answers to your questions… then YOU are exactly whom we love to help. Whether you have chronic pain that you have been suffering with for weeks, month, even years…or had recent surgery… we know that you want answers! Get the answers that you need and peace of mind that you can and will be OKAY and that you don’t need to be suffering anymore!

See others whom we have helped become more active, pain free

and avoid surgery or helped after surgery.


We realize that some people want to inquire about cost and appointment availability before booking. If you want to know about cost and availability in our Miami location, click the link and fill out the short form.

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If you are not quite ready to book an appointment, and have some questions that you need answered so that you are 100% sure that we can help you, request to speak with our therapist 1st. Our therapist will spend the time that you need to help you make the BEST decision…and it’s completely free! Click the link below and fill out the short form.

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We realize that some people are unsure if therapy is even right for them or if it will even “work”. Are you unsure if therapy will help you with your problem or have you been disappointed in the past? If that sounds like you, and you would like to come into the clinic, meet our team…apply for our FREE discovery visit and see for yourself how Hands On Therapy Services can help you. Click the link below and fill out the short form so we can better help you.

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