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 Workout mistakes to avoid

Staying Active After 50

If you are worried that working out may cause more injury or want to get rid of any nagging discomforts before you get started on your road to fitness, we can help.

First, here are 5 workout mistakes to avoid.

1. Stay hydrated. 

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps to decrease the risk of muscle cramps or injuries. Don’t just wait until your workout to drink water.

2. Dynamic stretches. 

This type of stretching are movement-based types of stretching vs the usually holding in a static position. It warms up the muscles and can increase your range of motion so that you can feel more effective with your workout.

3. Good positioning. 

Good posture during workouts is key to ensure that you don’t injure your shoulder or back. Looking forward verse up or down can automatically help with your positioning.

4. Don’t over grip. 

Having an overly hard grip increases your chance of developing hand, wrist, or elbow pain long after you are done with your workout. Ease your grip by squaring off your shoulders to get more stability.

5. Correct breathing. 

I know you know how to breathe, but funny enough, sometimes when doing a new workout or trying to prevent injury – you might hold your breath. Breathing uses a lot of muscles to keep your core strong and has a direct effect on how your arms move and are positioned.

Use these tips to help you avoid injury and make steady progress with your  goals.

Why Waiting Can Delay Your Progress

If you already have some nagging issues, do yourself a favor and get a screening by a movement expert FIRST.

You might be tempted to wait and see – but it will just delay you further and further.

You might think – “oh I need to see the doctor first.” And unless you fell and broke a bone or did something serious, they will typically do an X-ray or recommend pills first. They won’t always know how to assess how you have the pain with your activities.

Here’s where we come in.

As a specialty practice like ours, we will be able to assess how you move and perform various tests to see what actually is wrong. Once we know how your pain or discomfort is triggered by your movement patterns, we can teach you what you can do to get rid of it and control it. This is especially true with wrist and elbow pain.

Personalized Guidance for Managing Wrist and Elbow Pain

If you want to ensure that wrist or elbow pain does not get in the way of your goal, and you would like to see if it makes sense for one of our specialists to assess you…

CLICK HERE to request a Free Discovery Visit.

It’s not right for everyone, but once you fill out the form – someone from my team will contact you, ask some questions, and let you know if we can help.

PS. There’s no obligation to book a session. Our Discovery Visit is to help you make a decision if we are the right fit to help you with your New Year goals.

Written by Hoang Tran 

Staying Active After 50

About the author – Hoang Tran; an expert in physical & occupational therapy  

Hoang Tran is a Miami certified hand therapist , the owner of Hands-on Therapy Services and the author of the book “The Hands-On Approach”. She loves helping people with hand, neck and shoulder problems because she knows how bad and debilitating they can get if not addressed and treated properly (once and for all!).  

The aim of her occupational therapy practice is to bring patients back to full functionality, without pills, injections or surgery. Occupational and Physical Therapy are both offered at Hands-On Therapy by our experienced therapists who provide a comprehensive approach to your care. 

If you or someone you know is living with

or any other hand or shoulder injuries, speak with one of our specialists for FREE by signing up for a 30-minute Discovery Visit.

Even if you have tried other forms of treatment and are still NOT sure what’s going wrong and need better clarification on what can actually work to avoid the shoulder pain and impingement from becoming worse, there’s no risk in giving us a call at 786-615-9879 or requesting a Free Discovery Visit. 

A Discovery Visit is for someone who is not sure therapy with us can help them, wants to speak with the specialist to feel confident that therapy is the right choice for them, and is SURE they don’t want to live in pain, worry, and feeling like they can’t do certain things just because of the pain. 

** If you are an occupational therapist, physical therapist, or certified hand therapist who want to learn and develop your skills in hand therapy, please visit Hoang Tran at https://handtherapysecrets.com/

Hoang Tran offers both online and in person learning events to help you develop your clinical skills. 

The material contained on this site is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE, and is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional medical judgment, advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health.

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